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Happy New Year! I know, I’m a little late but being more efficient is totally on my list of 2010 goals so I’M WORKING ON IT OKAY.

Maybe I should also add, “be less defensive.”

On the topic of resolutions, I have resolved to lose a little fat this year. I wasn’t planning on making this a goal, but plenty of holiday cheer in the form of cookies has made this a sad necessity. Well, necessary in that I would like to fit in my pants ever again. It’s cold. I need my pants.

Pre-enlightenment, I never ate salad. Ever. Or anything green, for … Continue Reading

There’s a Hummus Among Us

Sprouting grains and beans is a fun thing I’ve started doing recently because, apparently, I do not have enough work to do. Kidding! Sprouting is really easy and the nutritional payoff is more than worth the tiny investment of time and care. Also, it’s kind of like having a little garden in your kitchen. A little stinky garden, but hey smell is temporary. Related: that is also how I make it though certain parts of DC.

My Stinky Little Garden

 My current sprouting fad is chickpeas and, … Continue Reading