What are we so optimistic about?

Because there’s so much to look forward to! For instance, Kim just learned that she does not have to shout through a rolled down window into an intercom to get food, and that 7-11 is not actually a grocery store. Well, it kind of is, but there are OTHER grocery-type stores that are even better. These two discoveries have opened up an entire new world of eating and cooking.

Because we are constantly learning new methods and expanding our repertoires, we kind of HAVE to be optimistic when we step in our kitchens. “Oh god, I hope this works!” is frequently heard coming out of Kim’s tiny 5 X 10 kitchen.

Last but not least, we are also optimistic about our happy blog here. While not “serious” bloggers, we feel that the whole experience of food writing will be a rewarding one. We definitely love food and writing, and we hope you love reading about it!

Kim's Zuchinni Wonder Salad