Happy New Year! I know, I’m a little late but being more efficient is totally on my list of 2010 goals so I’M WORKING ON IT OKAY.

Maybe I should also add, “be less defensive.”

On the topic of resolutions, I have resolved to lose a little fat this year. I wasn’t planning on making this a goal, but plenty of holiday cheer in the form of cookies has made this a sad necessity. Well, necessary in that I would like to fit in my pants ever again. It’s cold. I need my pants.

Pre-enlightenment, I never ate salad. Ever. Or anything green, for that matter, unless it was wrapped around my sushi. Now all I crave is a fresh, zingy salad (I’ll blame the gloomy and freezing winter we are having) and it’s definitely going to help me achieve this goal. Also, is it weird that I crave summery food in the winter? I think most people lean towards soup. Not that I ask, I just assume. Soup is also good. My short attention span is now fixated on soup. Give me a minute to get back on track…

Okay, better now.

I tend to stick to the same formula when I eat salad at home. It’s simple (simplicity being another lofty goal for twennyten), damn tasty, and best of all, highly nutritious. I eat a variation of this every night for dinner and I’m not lying when I say from about 3:00 PM on I am HIGHLY anticipating it. So without further ado:

Basic Salad:

2 – 3 cups fresh baby spinach
1 cup of beans, chickpeas, and/or lentils
1/2 cup millet, quinoa, and/or brown rice

Recently in the salad: SPROUTED LENTILS! These were so yum, I’m going to do a repeat next week.

Since I cook the beans and grains ahead of time, I usually put them in the bowl first and then nuke them for a minute before adding the spinach. If I have tomatoes or other salad-friendly veggies, I’ll put them in. Usually I just eat this salad all basic style. Ooh, maybe I will add walnuts to tonight’s salad…and there goes my short attention span again.

I’m back.

My salad dressing is not measured out, I just mix as I go, and I tend to make about a week’s worth at a time. Here’s a list with approximate amounts:

2-3 T tahini
2-3 T olive oil OR flax seed oil
2 lemons worth of juice
3ish cloves of raw garlic
2 T Bragg’s Liquid Aminos OR wheat-free tamari
Dash of sumac, chili powder and/or whatever other spices I’m feeling.
Splash of water to thin
1 tsp miso, if I remember

I use an immersion blender to, uh, blend everything, and then I pour it into a clean jar to keep in the fridge.

 It’s only 1:46, and I can’t wait to eat my salad tonight!

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