Man, and I was pretty optimistic about these damn cookies!

Sometimes you just want a damn cookie, and a cold, crunchy gluten-free disk out of a bag is not going to cut it. I may have squealed LOUDLY at Shoppers upon seeing Betty Crocker gluten-free baking mixes (I know I made the other lady in the baking aisle very uncomfortable) and grabbed one of each like they were the One Ring and I needed the precioussss. Still clutching the boxes to my chest, I then one-handedly started grabbing more stuff I could throw into the cookie mix. Macadamia bits, white chocolate chips…I had a craving.

I baked up the cookies and you know, they were just ok. The additions helped, I guess, and I got to get the warm gooey cookie experience, but overall I think these failed. I really suck at spooning out cookies as my technique is literally, “slap a spoonful on the cookie sheet,” so a lot of them had this weird burned bottom, raw center thing happening. In addition to that lameness, the cookies were really, really greasy. And crumbly. God, so crumbly. I didn’t eat them all (my MO for homemade baked goods), but instead dumped the uneaten, unburned cookies into a Tupperware to bring to class and “share.” Out of the goodness of my heart.



In addition to the weird greasiness and crumbliness, the flavor of the cookies was kind of lacking. I found them too sweet and salty at the same time, although I know I used unsalted butter for these. There was also a grainy mouthfeel I didn’t care for once the cookies were cooled but wasn’t so noticeable in the warm, right out of the oven cookies.

I’ll give this mix a 5/10 because I do blame my most unexcellent dough measuring. Also, as far as giving me a damn cookie, this mix fit the bill most definitely.

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